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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing refers to pressure of liquids in static conditions.

Proof of Pressure Testing

This is a non-destructive test used to verify that a component or system is capable of withstanding pressure above the design or operating pressure without sustaining damage or displaying leakage.

Leak Pressure Testing

Basically a form of “Proof” testing where the component is pressurized and if leakage occurs it can be located through various methods and the amount of leakage can be measured. Many items are engineered to allow for some leakage and quantifying that leakage is a vital aspect of product testing.

Burst Pressure Testing

This is the destructive version of pressure testing. Burst testing is used to establish the point where a component or system sustains permanent deformation or failure. It is also instrumental in defining if a component or system will fail due to mass leakage or catastrophic explosion. This is the “you make it; we break it “test.

External Pressure Testing

Some items require external pressure testing such as parts used under water. External pressure testing is more difficult on large parts due to the need for pressure vessel large enough to accommodate the part. We have external pressure capability depending on the size of the part and the required pressure range. We are always ready to add capability to meet your needs if the requirement exits.

Pressure Testing at Temperature Extremes

Certain product characteristics may require one or all of the above types of testing while the part is being subjected to steady state or cyclic temperature extremes. We have test chambers and thermal shock chambers allowing us to perform pressure tests over a wide range of temperature environments.

Vacuum Pressure Testing

Vacuum testing involves either subjecting a part to internal pressure or placing the entire part in an environment below atmospheric conditions.

Differential Pressure Testing

This is testing relating to the difference between the internal pressure of an item and the external atmosphere. It may also refer to the drop or difference in pressure experienced during flow of liquid or gas through an object.

Cyclic Pressure Testing

Internal or external pressure in or around a part is raised and lowered on a time basis or a high low pressure setting. This testing may also involve temperature extremes during the pressure changes.

Common Pressure Test Specifications

ASTM D2837- Standard Test Method for obtaining hydrostatic design basis for thermoplastic pipe material or pressure design basis for thermoplastic pipe products.

ASTM D1598- Standard Test Method for time- to- failure of plastic pipe under constant internal pressure.

ASTM D1599- Standard Test Method for resistance to short-time Hydraulic pressure of plastic pipe, tubing and fittings.

ASTM F2788- Standard Specification for cross-linked Polyethylene Pipe.

JIS S 3200-2- Equipment for water supply service- Test Method, of low water resistance.


Vehicle-Hydraulic Brake hose assembly, for use with no petroleum-base Hydraulic fluids.

SAE J343- Test and Test procedure for SAE 100R series hydraulic hose and hose assembly.

SAE J2044- Quick connect coupling specification for liquid fuel and vapor/emission systems.

ISO 6803- Rubber or plastic hoses assemblies-hydraulic-pressure impulse test without flexing.

MIL HDBK-1899- Pressure Testing, 10 PSI through 200 PSI

ISO 5208- Industrial Valves- pressure testing of metallic valves

SAE ARP 1383- Impulse Testing of Aerospace Hydraulic Actuators, Valves, Pressure Containers, and similar fluid system components.

DIN EN 13184- Non-Destructive Testing, Leak Testing pressure change method.

DIN 16962 P5- Pipe fittings and joint assemblies for polypropylene pressure pipes.

DIN 53759- Testing of plastic articles-determination of internal pressure on hollow objects by long time testing.

DIN 53769 P2- Testing of fiber reinforced plastic pipes, long-term hydrostatic pressure test.

DIN 53769 P6 - Testing of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes testing of pipes and fittings under pulsating internal pressure.

DIN EN 131184- Non-Destructive testing leak testing pressure change method.

GM 9320P- Pressure testing of non-metallic, fuel tanks.

HN 1547- Fluid-pressure testing on brake components.

IEC 60068-2-12- Environmental testing-low air pressure see IEC 60068 SET.

ISO 5208- Industrial Valves-pressure testing, on metallic valves.

MIL-HDBK-1899- Pressure testing, 10 PSI through 200PSI.

SAE ARP 1383- Impulse testing of aerospace hydraulics actuators, valves, pressure containers, and similar fluid system components.

ASNT-TC-1A/HP- Supplement to recommended practice no. SNT-TC-1A-Leak testing method-pressure change measurement testing.

ASTM F2164- Standard practice for field leak testing, of polyethylene pressure piping systems, using hydrostatic pressure.

DIN EN 13184- Non- Destructive testing leak testing pressure change method.

ISO 9598- Seamless steel tubes for pressure purpose. Full peripheral magnetic transducer /flux leakage testing of ferromagnetic Steel tubes for the detection of transverse imperfections.

ASTM F2164- Standard practice, for field leak testing of polyethylene pressure piping systems using hydrostatic pressure.

SAE J1418- Fuel injection pumps-high pressure pipes for testing.

SAE J1994- Laboratory testing of vehicle and industrial heat exchangers, for heat transfer and pressure drop performance.

ASTM D4264- Pressure testing of assemblies of rubber –lined hose and rubber booster hose, in service on interior standpipes.

CSA B137.0- Definitions, general requirements, and methods of testing for thermoplastic pressure piping-plumbing products and materials.

DIN 4279 P1- Testing of pressure pipelines for water by internal pressure, general information.

DIN 4279 P2- Testing of pressure pipelines for water by internal pressure, pressure pipes made of ductile cast iron.

JIS C 0029- Basic environmental testing procedure, for low air pressure.

JIC C 0030- Environmental testing procedure combined cold low air pressure tests.

MIL-STD-1899- Pressure testing, 10 PSI through 200 PSI.

MIL-STD –40008- Pneumatic pressure testing parts with permanent joints: welders, brazes and rivets.

SAE AMS 2602- Pressure testing 25 PSIG.

SAE AMS 2605- Pressure testing 55 PSI.

SAE AMS 2606- Pressure testing 70 PSI.

SAE AMS 2607- Pressure testing 100 PSI.

SAE MAM 2615- Pressure testing, hydraulic pressure as specified, metric.

VDE 0472 P609 (E)- Testing of cables and insulated flexible cords, pressure test at high temperature.

Testing Services

Custom Testing

  • Fixture Design
  • Fixture Fabrication
  • Custom Test Stands
  • Prototype Testing Services
  • Product Safety Testing Services

Electric Testing

  • Dielectric Withstand
  • Hi-Potential Testing
  • Voltage Drop
  • Contact Resistance
  • Gate Leakage
  • Insulation Integrity
  • Dielectric Integrity

Corrosion Testing

  • Salt Spray
  • Salt Fog
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • CASS
  • Combined Environment

Coating and Finish Durability

  • Adhesion
  • Impact Resistance
  • Gravelometer
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • Hardness
  • Chipping Resistance
  • Water Immersion
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  • Taber Abrasion
  • RCA Wear Tester
  • Resistance to Crocking
  • Washability
  • Pencil Hardness
  • Finish Adhesion

Environmental Testing

  • Thermal Cycle
  • Powered Thermal Cycle
  • High Temperature Storage
  • Low Temperature Storage
  • Humidity
  • Temp-Humidity
  • Autoclave
  • Dust
  • HAST
  • Water Intrusion
  • Ingress Protection

Mechanical Testing

  • Flammability
  • Solderability
  • Drop
  • Resistance to Solder Heat
  • Destructibility
  • Compression/Tension
  • Conformal Coat Compatibility
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Resistance to Solvents
  • Package Testing

Pressure Testing

  • Hydrostatic
  • Burst Testing
  • Proof Testing
  • Leak Pressure
  • Cyclic Pressure
  • External Pressure
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Product Testing by GTS

Automotive Parts

  • Interior Panels
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Sound System Components
  • ECUs
  • Braking System Components
  • Navigation Systems
  • Tire Pressure Sensors
  • Interior/External Finishes
  • Transmission Components
  • Engine Components
  • Air Bag Controls
  • Battery Testing
  • Cooling System Components
  • Video System Components
  • Hydraulic System Components
  • Hoses
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Exhaust Systems

Medical Devices

  • Glucose Meters
  • Lighting Devices
  • Mobility Aides
  • Blood Transportation Units
  • Medical Packaging
  • CPAP Components
  • Military Medical Devices
  • Battery Testing

Military Devices

  • Night Vision Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Air Craft Coatings
  • Jet Air Manifolds
  • Cockpit Controls
  • Missile Control Units
  • Hydraulic System Components
  • Helicopter Components
  • Tank Components

Appliance Testing

  • Oven Elements
  • Defrost Heaters
  • Gas Ranges
  • Washer Supply Hoses
  • Refrigerator Components
  • Dryer Timing System
  • Dishwasher Pumps
  • Control System Components


  • Shopping Carts
  • Home Improvement Utility Carts
  • Pumps
  • Fasteners
  • Boat Lifts
  • Personal Hydration Systems
  • Residential Service Meters