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Electric Testing

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Common Electrical Test Specifications

AEC Q100- Stress Test Qualification for Integrated Circuits

AEC Q101- Stress Test Qualification for Discrete Semiconductors

AEC Q200- Stress Test Qualification for Passive Components

ANSI/EIA-364-23B- Low Level Contact Resistance Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors and Sockets

ANSI/EIA/ECA-364-29C- Contact Retention Test for Electrical Connectors

ANSI/EIA-364-1000.01- Environmental Test Methodology for Assessing the Performance of Electrical Connectors and Sockets Used in Business Office Applications

ASTM D149- Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage and Dielectric Strength of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials at Commercial Power Frequencies

ASTM D150- Standard Test Method for AC Loss Characteristics & Permittivity (Dielectric Constant) of Solid Electrical Insulation

ASTM D257- Standard Test Method for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials

ASTM D3755- Standard Test Method for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage & Dielectric Strength of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials Under Direct-Voltage Stress

AS 1334.9- Determination of Electrical Resistance of Conveyor Belting

GM9110P- Procedure for Testing Switches

GME 3191- Electrical Connectors

GMI 12558- General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Subsystems & Components Environmental Requirements

IEC 60512-2-1- Electrical Continuity and Contact Resistance Tests

IEC 60512-3-1- Insulation Tests

IEC 60512-4-1- Voltage Stress Tests

IEC 60512-5-1- Current Carrying Capacity Tests

IPC-TM-650, Sect.2.5.7- Dielectric Withstanding Voltage,Printed Wiring Material

IPC-TM-650, Sect.2.5.32- Resistance Test, Plated Through-Holes

IPC-TM-650, Sect. Surface Insulation Resistance,Fluxes

IPC-TM-650, Sect. Moisture and Insulation Resistance-Conformal Coating

ISO 16750- Road Vehicles-Environmental Conditions and Testing for Electrical and Electronic Equipment-Electrical Loads

MIL-I-22834A- Insulation, Electrical,Dielectric Barrier, Laminated, Plastic Film and Synthetic Fiber Mat

MIL-STD-202G- Military Standard Test Method for Electronic & Electrical Component Parts

MIL-STD-750D- Test Methods for Semi-Conductor Devices

MIL-STD-810F- Military Standard Environmental Test Methods

MIL-STD-883G- Microcircuits

MIL-STD-1344A- Test Methods for Electrical Connectors

SAE J1455- Joint SAE/TMC Recommended Environmental Practices for Electronic Equipment Design (Heavy-Duty Trucks)

SAE/USCAR-2- Standard for Automotive Electrical Connection Systems

SAE/USCAR-15- Specification for Testing Automotive Miniature Bulb Socket/Circuit Plate Assemblies

TSC7000G- Test Method for Auto Electrical Equipment

TSC7306G- Bench Test Methods for Electronically Controlled Functional Body Components

Testing Services

Custom Testing

  • Fixture Design
  • Fixture Fabrication
  • Custom Test Stands
  • Prototype Testing Services
  • Product Safety Testing Services

Electric Testing

  • Dielectric Withstand
  • Hi-Potential Testing
  • Voltage Drop
  • Contact Resistance
  • Gate Leakage
  • Insulation Integrity
  • Dielectric Integrity

Corrosion Testing

  • Salt Spray
  • Salt Fog
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • CASS
  • Combined Environment

Coating and Finish Durability

  • Adhesion
  • Impact Resistance
  • Gravelometer
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • Hardness
  • Chipping Resistance
  • Water Immersion
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  • Taber Abrasion
  • RCA Wear Tester
  • Resistance to Crocking
  • Washability
  • Pencil Hardness
  • Finish Adhesion

Environmental Testing

  • Thermal Cycle
  • Powered Thermal Cycle
  • High Temperature Storage
  • Low Temperature Storage
  • Humidity
  • Temp-Humidity
  • Autoclave
  • Dust
  • HAST
  • Water Intrusion
  • Ingress Protection

Mechanical Testing

  • Flammability
  • Solderability
  • Drop
  • Resistance to Solder Heat
  • Destructibility
  • Compression/Tension
  • Conformal Coat Compatibility
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Resistance to Solvents
  • Package Testing

Pressure Testing

  • Hydrostatic
  • Burst Testing
  • Proof Testing
  • Leak Pressure
  • Cyclic Pressure
  • External Pressure
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Product Testing by GTS

Automotive Parts

  • Interior Panels
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Sound System Components
  • ECUs
  • Braking System Components
  • Navigation Systems
  • Tire Pressure Sensors
  • Interior/External Finishes
  • Transmission Components
  • Engine Components
  • Air Bag Controls
  • Battery Testing
  • Cooling System Components
  • Video System Components
  • Hydraulic System Components
  • Hoses
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Exhaust Systems

Medical Devices

  • Glucose Meters
  • Lighting Devices
  • Mobility Aides
  • Blood Transportation Units
  • Medical Packaging
  • CPAP Components
  • Military Medical Devices
  • Battery Testing

Military Devices

  • Night Vision Components
  • Medical Devices
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Air Craft Coatings
  • Jet Air Manifolds
  • Cockpit Controls
  • Missile Control Units
  • Hydraulic System Components
  • Helicopter Components
  • Tank Components

Appliance Testing

  • Oven Elements
  • Defrost Heaters
  • Gas Ranges
  • Washer Supply Hoses
  • Refrigerator Components
  • Dryer Timing System
  • Dishwasher Pumps
  • Control System Components


  • Shopping Carts
  • Home Improvement Utility Carts
  • Pumps
  • Fasteners
  • Boat Lifts
  • Personal Hydration Systems
  • Residential Service Meters